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Livro / International studies in time perspective

p. 65-70
Future time ambiguity types within younger and older adults
Strizhitskaya, Olga Y.; Petrash, Marina D.
p. 101-106
Satisfaction with life and college social integration: a time perspective multiple regression model
Ortuño, Victor E. C.; Gomes, Catarina V. M.; Vásquez, Alejandro; et al.
p. 169-175
The role of future time perspective in career decision making
Walker, Terrance L.; Tracey, Terence J. G.
p. 177-181
Occupational choice factor and professional future perspective in early adulthood
Petrash, Marina D.; Strizhitskaya, Olga Y.
p. 183-190
The influence of future time perspective in career decision-making: the mediating role of work hope
Atanásio, Paula; Paixão, Maria Paula; Silva, José Tomás da
p. 201-214
Why is the distance between what we know and what we don’t know always beyond of what we can achieve with our velocity of learning?
Rodrigues, Nuno Álvaro Ferreira; Kovacec, Alexander; Almeida, Ana Cristina Ferreira de
p. 223-229
Effect of teaching creative and critical thinking skills on defense styles and mental health in adolescents
Kargar, Flor Rezaei; Ajilchi, Bita; Ghoreishi, Monir Kalantar
p. 233-240
Testing the Zimbardo time perspective inventory: japanese validation study
Takahashi, Kiyoshi; Shimane, Masamitsu; Ono, Yoshio; et al.
p. 241-245
Validation of the spanish version of the consideration of future consequences scale
Vásquez, Alejandro; Martín, Ana; Maiche, Alejandro
p. 247-252
An exploratory approach to time perspective theory and research
Ortuño, Victor E. C.; Gomes, Catarina V. M.; Paixão, Maria Paula; et al.
p. 259-273
Identification of the multidimensional model of subjective time experience
Flaska, Karel; Cakirpaloglu, Panajotis
p. 275-283
Time in robot cognition: an emerging research branch
Maniadakis, Michail; Trahanias, Panos