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Livro / Children and youth in organized sports

p. 15-30
Contemporary trends and issues in youth sports in Portugal
Gonçalves, Carlos E; Silva, Manuel Coelho e
p. 31-42
Promoting quality in youth sports
Marques, António; Oliveira, José
p. 70-81
Organized sport amoung urban mexican youth
Siegel, Shonnon R; Reyes, Mario E Peno; Barahona, Eyra E Cárdenos; et al.
p. 95-122
Parental influences on youth sport participation
Welk, Gregory J; Babkes, Megan L; Schaben, Jodee A
p. 123-135
The role of parental support in sports sucess of talented young dutch athletes
Visscher, Chris; Elferink-Gemser, Marije T.; Lemmink, Koen AP.M.
p. 162-168
Responses of children and adolescents to systematic trainning
Malina, Robert M; Eisenman, Joey C
p. 189-198
Profile of youth soccer players: age-related variation and stability
Silva, Manuel Coelho e; Figueiredo, António; Sobral, Francisco; et al.
p. 199-208
Maturation and strenght of adolescent soccer players
Fragoso, Isabel; Vieira, Filomena; Castro, Luísa Conto e; et al.
p. 209-221
Youth soccer: a biocultural perspective
Cumming, Sean P; Standage, Martyn; Malina, Robert M
p. 222-230
Growth and maturity profile of youth swimmers in Mexico
Reyes, Mario E Pena; Malina, Robert M
p. 231-246
Workload and perception of effort in swim training
Teixeira, Ana M; Rama, Luis
p. 259-274
Injuries in youth sports
Malina, Robert M
p. 290-298
Gymnast wrist: the ulnar variance phenomenon
Claessens, Albrecht L