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Livro / Advances in forest fire research 2018

p. 17-22
A model for identifying blow-up fire potential
McRae, Richard H. D.; Sharples, Jason J.; Badlan, Rachel L.
p. 23-32
Assessing the increase in wildfire occurrence with climate change and the uncertainties associated with this projection
Fargeon, Hélène; Martin-StPaul, Nicolas; Pimont, François; et al.
p. 33-43
Calibration of the Canadian FWI system for the territory of Europe
Alves, Daniela; Ribeiro, Luís Mário; Viegas, Domingos Xavier
p. 57-70
Fires in Portugal on 15th October 2017: a catastrophic evolution
Novo, Ilda; Pinto, Paulo; Rio, João; et al.
p. 71-80
Generation and evaluation of ensemble simulations of wildfire spread for probabilistic forecast
Allaire, Frédéric; Filippi, Jean-Baptiste; Mallet, Vivien
p. 81-87
Investigation of slope thresholds for flame attachment
Sharples, Jason J.; Edgar, Ross; Sidhu, Harvinder S.
p. 88-98
IPA Adriatic Holistic Forest Fire Protection Project: the year after
Stipaničev, Darko; Šerić, Ljiljana; Krstinić, Damir; et al.
p. 99-109
Modelling of the rate of fire spread in heterogeneous fuel beds based on experimental data
Almeida, Miguel; Viegas, Domingos Xavier; Mendonça, Filipe; et al.
p. 119-126
Protecting lives and property: testing tanker crew protection systems
Bessell, Rachel; Nichols, David; Leonard, Justin; et al.
p. 138-145
The extreme weather conditions behind the destructive fires of June and October 2017 in Portugal
Pinto, Miguel M.; Hurduc, Alexandra; Trigo, Ricardo M.; et al.
p. 146-155
The impact of climate change on fire weather of Daxing'anling
Tian, Xiaorui; Shu, Lifu; Wang, Mingyu; et al.
p. 156-164
The organisation of fire protection in disaster areas using as an example the case of Bialowieza Forest
Szczygiel, Ryszard; Kwiatkowski, Miroslaw; Kolakowski, Bartlomiej
p. 165-172
The stand flammability classes
Kwiatkowski, Miroslaw; Szczygiel, Ryszard; Kolakowski, Bartlomiej
p. 218-226
Estimation of live fuel moisture content of shrubland using MODIS and Sentinel-2 images
Marino, Eva; Guillén-Climent, Mariluz; Algeet, Nur; et al.
p. 227-231
Flammability of native species of two Brazilian ecosystems
Santos, João Francisco Labres dos; Machado, Igor Eloi Silva; Soares, Ronaldo Viana; et al.
p. 232-237
Influence of fire frequency and epoch of prescribed burn on topkill rates in vegetation of Cerrado in Tocantins, Brazil
Silva, Allan Deyvid Pereira da; Batista, Antonio Carlos; Giongo, Marcos; et al.
p. 246-253
Live fuel moisture content: variability, predictability and impact on fire behavior and activity
Nicolas, Martin-StPaul; Julien, Ruffault; Pimont, François; et al.
p. 254-261
Management of firebrand potential through the candling of bark fuel
Duff, Thomas J.; Richards, Penny; Cawson, Jane G.
p. 262-269
Optimisation of fuel treatments at landscape level in NW Spain
Jiménez, Enrique; Fernández-Alonso, José M.; Fernández, Cristina; et al.
p. 278-287
Quantifying effects on fire propagation in woody fuel models using the thin fuels assumption
Blasen, David; Johnson, Jesse; Jolly, William; et al.
p. 288-296
Soil resilience under different scenarios of fire recurrence and severity in Pinus forest ecosystems affected by large wildfires
Marcos, Elena; Fernández-García, Victor; Fernández-Guisuraga, José Manuel; et al.
p. 308-318
A project to measure and model pyrolysis to improve prediction of prescribed fire behavior
Weise, David R.; Fletcher, Thomas H.; Johnson, Timothy J.; et al.
p. 319-324
A review of fire whirls in wildland fires
Gollner, Michael; Tohidi, Ali; Xiao, Huahua
p. 343-348
An experimental investigation of the effect of grass fuel load on grassfire behaviour
Cruz, Miguel G.; Sullivan, Andrew L.; Gould, James S.; et al.
p. 349-358
Assessment of a human body thermoregulation software to predict the thermophysiological response of firefighters
Raimundo, António M.; Oliveira, A. Virgílio M.; Quintela, Divo A.
p. 359-371
Cfd study of effect of water drop by aerial firefighting to protect forest fire growth
Satoh, Koyu; Viegas, Domingos; Liu, Naian; et al.
p. 372-380
Circulation weather types and their influence on the fire regime in Portugal
DaCamara, Carlos C.; Trigo, Ricardo M.
p. 402-409
Effect of canyons on a fire propagating laterally over slopes
Rodrigues, André; Viegas, Domingos Xavier; Abouali, Abdelrahman; et al.
p. 410-417
Effective efficiency index (IEE): methodology for analyzing the efficiency of fire retardants in laboratory
Beutling, Alexandre; Batista, Antonio Carlos; Soares, Ronaldo Viana; et al.
p. 429-435
Experimental characterization and analysis on fire whirls using forest fuels
Pinto, Cláudia; Raposo, Jorge; Viegas, Domingos Xavier
p. 436-446
Experimental investigation on the burning of shrubs
Tramoni, J. B.; Morandini, F.; Santoni, P. A.; et al.
p. 447-453
Fire growth patterns in the 2017 mega fire episode of October 15, central Portugal
Castellnou, Marc; Guiomar, Nuno; Rego, Francisco; et al.
p. 454-465
Fire intensity, individual protective clothing and firefighting safety
Raimundo, António M.; Oliveira, A. Virgílio M.; Quintela, Divo A.; et al.
p. 466-471
Fire response to natural wind versus constant wind
Butler, B W; Jimenez, D; Quarles, S; et al.
p. 472-479
Fire seasons in Portugal: the role of weather and climate
Amraoui, Malik; Parente, Joana; Pereira, Mário G.
p. 489-494
Forest fire Preventing and Controlling Techniques in China
Lifu, Shu; Yangguang; Hecheng; et al.
p. 495-505
Identifying pyroregions by means of Self Organizing Maps and hierarchical clustering algorithms in mainland Spain
Jiménez-Ruano, Adrián; Rodrigues Mimbrero, Marcos; Riva Fernández, Juan de la
p. 506-513
Ignition/non ignition phase transition
Sabi, F. Z.; Terrah, M. S.; Mosbah, O.; et al.
p. 514-521
Improvement of forest fire danger rating in Russia
Volokitina, Alexandra V.; Sofronova, Tatiana M.; Korets, Mikhail A.
p. 522-528
Is there a critical fuel moisture content for flammability?
Terrah, S. M.; Sabi, F. Z.; Mosbah, O.; et al.
p. 529-533
Literature review on the transition from smouldering to flaming fires and its application to peat fires
Santoso, Muhammad Agung; Yang, Jiuling; Chen, Haixiang; et al.
p. 534-541
Measurement of pyrolysis products from mixed fuel beds during fires in a wind tunnel
Weise, David R.; Johnson, Timothy J.; Hao, WeiMin; et al.
p. 542-548
Measurement of three-dimensional flow speed and direction in wildfires
Grumstrup, Torben P.; Forthofer, Jason M.; Finney, Mark A.
p. 549-554
Modelling of junction fires with analytical and numerical analysis of the phenomena
Raposo, Jorge; Viegas, Domingos; Abouali, Abdelrahman; et al.
p. 555-565
Modelling the rate of spread of fire: an SDE approach
Jovanoski, Zlatko; Sharples, Jason J.; Gill, A. Malcolm; et al.
p. 566-576
Multi-scale modeling of the thermal degradation of woods
Gerandi, Guillaume; Tihay-Felicelli, Virginie; Santoni, Paul-Antoine; et al.
p. 577-587
New Lagrangian surface forest fire propagation model
Ambroz, M.; Mikula, K.
p. 588-597
Observations on wildfire spotting occurrence and characteristics in Greece
Athanasiou, Miltiadis; Xanthopoulos, Gavriil
p. 598-606
Past fire practices and new steps towards an effective fire management approach in the Brazilian savannas
Batista, Eugênia Kelly Luciano; Russell-Smith, Jeremy; Figueira, José Eugênio Côrtes
p. 617-624
Radiative and convective heat exchanges between a fireman and the fire front and wind
Conceição, Eusébio Z. E.; Lúcio, Mª Manuela J. R.; Viegas, Domingos X.; et al.
p. 625-636
RPAS and nighttime wildfire fighting: the NITROFIREX PROJECT
Bordallo, Luis M.; Burwitz, Alexander
p. 643-649
Study of growth of free-burning grass fires from point ignition
Sullivan, A. L.; Cruz, M. G.; Hilton, J. E.; et al.
p. 650-660
The effect of interstitial flow on the burning dynamics of porous fuel beds
Campbell-Lochrie, Zakary; Walker-Rávena, Carlos; Mueller, Eric V.; et al.
p. 670-676
The role of forest fires in land use/land cover changes in Portugal
Parente, Joana; Pereira, Mário G.; Tonini, Marj
p. 677-694
The role of the terrain-modified wind on driving the fire behaviour over hills: an Experimental and Numerical Analysis
Abouali, Abdelrahman; Raposo, Jorge Rafael; Viegas, Domingos Xavier
p. 695-699
Understanding the dynamics of inclined and wind-driven flames in wildland fires
Gollner, M. J.; Tang, W.; Miller, C. H.; et al.
p. 700-715
Understanding unburned patches patterns in extreme wildfire events: a new approach
Tedim, Fantina; Royé, Dominic; Bouillon, Christophe; et al.
p. 716-724
Wind measurement accuracy in fire experiments
Pimont, François; Dupuy, Jean-Luc; Linn, Rodman R.; et al.
p. 726-735
Carcaixent fire impact against a self-protected WUI zone: lessons learned
Dalmau Rovira, Ferran; Caballero Valero, David; Quinto Peris, Francisco
p. 742-749
Defining and mapping the wildland-urban interface in Portugal
Pereira, José M. C.; Alexandre, Patrícia M.; Campagnolo, Manuel L.; et al.
p. 750-760
Developement of a metodology to assess school bushfire risk
Leonard, Justin; Blanchi, Raphaele; Arena, Alessio; et al.
p. 761-768
Development of a spatial analysis tool for radiant heat flux predictions
Arena, Alessio; Leonard, Justin; Blanchi, Raphaele; et al.
p. 769-779
Estimating net heat flux from surrogate firebrand accumulations using an inverse heat transfer approach
Thomas, J. Christian; Mueller, Eric V.; Hadden, Rory M.
p. 788-793
Flammability and combustibility of potential species for use as fuel breaks
Santos, João Francisco Labres dos; Batista, Antonio Carlos; Tres, Andressa; et al.
p. 794-799
Heating and ignition from firebrand piles
Hakes, R. S. P.; Salehizadeh, H.; Weston-Dawkes, M. J.; et al.
p. 800-807
Lattice Boltzmann method for flow through vegetation
Sezer, Hayri; Simeoni, Albert
p. 818-825
Modelling fire spread and damage in wildland-urban interfaces
Fernandez, Fabien; Guillaume, Bruno; Porterie, Bernard; et al.
p. 826-836
On the use of time-resolved three-dimensional diagnostics to characterize firebrand showers in the WUI
Bouvet, Nicolas; Link, Eric D.; Fink, Stephen A.; et al.
p. 852-858
The large fire of Pedrógão Grande (Portugal) and its impact on structures
Ribeiro, Luís Mário; Rodrigues, André; Lucas, Davi; et al.
p. 878-888
WUI, planning and fires in South of France
Bouillon, Christophe; Ganteaume, Anne; Djazouli, Khalil; et al.
p. 900-912
An upper non-reflecting boundary condition for atmospheric compressible flow
Costes, Aurélien; Lac, Christine; Masson, Valéry; et al.
p. 913-921
Applying GPU parallel technology to accelerate FARSITE forest fire simulator
Carrillo, Carlos; Cortés, Ana; Cencerrado, Andrés; et al.