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Livro / Advances in forest fire research

p. 29-35
A hi-resolution 40-year gridded fire weather/danger climatology for Victoria, Australia
Brown, Timothy; Mills, Graham; Harris, Sarah; et al.
p. 41-53
An experimental approach to the evaluation of prescribed fire behavior
Mueller, Eric; Skowronski, Nicholas; Clark, Kenneth; et al.
p. 54-60
An update on the WindNinja surface wind modeling tool
Butler, Bret; Forthofer, J.; Wagenbrenner, N.
p. 61-72
Analysis of firebrand release on the spot fire mechanism
Almeida, Miguel; Viegas, Domingos; Raposo, Jorge
p. 73-87
Analysis of fire spread across a two-dimensional ridge under wind conditions
Raposo, Jorge; Cabiddu, Salvatore; Viegas, Domingos X.; et al.
p. 102-106
Calibrating Rothermel’s fuel models by genetic algorithms
Davide, Ascoli; Giovanni, Bovio; Giorgio, Vacchiano
p. 107-111
Characteristic length of radiative ignition from wildland flames
Baara, Yamina; Khelloufi, K.; Clerc, J. P.; et al.
p. 132-144
Degradation modelling of wildland fuels
El Houssami, Mohamad; Thomas, Jan Christian; Lamorlette, Aymeric; et al.
p. 158-164
Environmental thresholds for dynamic fire propagation
Sharples, Jason J.; Simpson, Colin C.; Evans, Jason P.
p. 165-168
Evaluating crown fire rate of spread from physics based simulations to field data
Hoffman, C. M.; Linn, R. R.; Mell, W.; et al.
p. 169-178
Experimental and numerical study of fire behaviour: effects of the width on the rate of spread
Marchand, Alexis; Trevisan, Nicolas; Collin, Anthony; et al.
p. 179-189
Experimental and theoretical study of diameter effect on the ignition of cistus twigs
Tihay, Virginie; Santoni, Paul-Antoine; Barboni, Toussaint; et al.
p. 190-195
Experimental evidence of buoyancy controlled flame spread in wildland fires
Finney, Mark A.; Cohen, Jack D.; Forthofer, Jason A.; et al.
p. 196-202
Experimental investigation of the influence of geometry on gas accumulation using a V-shape forest model
Coudour, Bruno; Chetehouna, Khaled; Conan, Boris; et al.
p. 203-208
Experimental investigations on accelerating forest fires thermochemical hypothesis
Courty, Léo; Chetehouna, Khaled; Garo, Jean-Pierre; et al.
p. 225-233
Fine fuel particle heating during experimental laboratory fires
Cohen, Jack D.; Finney, Mark A.
p. 234-243
Fire behavior of prescribed burns in grass: woody steppe on Paraná State, Brazil
Seger, Celso Darci; Batista, Antonio Carlos; Tetto, Alexandre França; et al.
p. 244-250
Fire spread across a fuel break in a ridge
Raposo, Jorge; Viegas, Domingos; Almeida, Miguel; et al.
p. 251-260
FireStar3D: 3D finite volume model for the prediction of wildfires behaviour
Accary, G.; Meradji, S.; Morvan, D.; et al.
p. 261-274
FIRETEC evaluation against the FireFlux experiment: preliminary results
Dupuy, J-L; Pimont, F; Linn, RR; et al.
p. 275-282
ForeFire: open-source code for wildland fire spread models
Filippi, Jean-Baptiste; Bosseur, Frédéric; Grandi, Damien
p. 283-297
Forest fires effects on the atmosphere: 20 years of research in Portugal
Miranda, Ana; Amorim, JH; Valente, J; et al.
p. 298-302
Fuel and climate controls on peatland fire severity
Grau-Andres, Roger; Davies, G. Matt; Waldron, Susan; et al.
p. 307-315
Ignition behavior of cardboard fuel particles
English, Justin D.; Akafuah, Nelson K.; Adam, Brittany A.; et al.
p. 316-321
Influence of the radiative heat exchanges between the fire front and vehicle passengers in a road
Conceição, Eusébio Z. E.; Silva, Manuel C. Gameiro; Viegas, Domingos X.
p. 322-325
Investigation of vegetation fire plumes using paragliders tracks and micro-scale meteorological model
Filippi, Jean-Baptiste; Cruz, Miguel; Bosseur, Frédéric; et al.
p. 336-343
Map partitioning to accelerate wind field calculation for forest fire propagation prediction
Sanjuan, Gemma; Brun, Carlos; Margalef, Tomàs; et al.
p. 344-352
Model reduction approach for wildfire multi-scenario analysis
Guelpa, Elisa; Sciacovelli, Adriano; Verda, Vittorio; et al.
p. 353-359
Modelling fine fuel moisture content and the likelihood of fire spread in blue gum (Eucalyptus globulus) litter
Pinto, Anita; Espinosa-Prieto, Juncal; Rossa, Carlos; et al.
p. 360-370
Multi-scale kinetic model for forest fuel degradation
Cancellieri, Dominique; Leroy-Cancellieri, Valérie; Leoni, Eric
p. 371-378
Numerical investigations of 3D aspects of fire/atmosphere interactions
Linn, R. R.; Canfield, J. M.; Sauer, J.; et al.
p. 392-400
Overview of the 2013 FireFlux-II grass fire field experiment
Clements, CB; Davis, B; Seto, D; et al.
p. 409-414
Relationship between the slope and some variables of fire behavior
Ribeiro, Guido Assunção; Araújo, Tiago Guilherme de; Silva, Carlos Miguel Simões da; et al.
p. 422-433
Studying wildland fire spread using stationary fires
Gorham, D. J.; Hakes, R.; Singh, A. V.; et al.
p. 434-437
The analysis and simulation of forest fire on Pohang-Si and Uljoo-Kun in Korea
Lee, Si-Young; Park, HoungSek; Kwon, Chun-geun; et al.
p. 438-439
The effect of grass curing level on the propagation of grassland fires – an experimental study
Nichols, David; Bessell, Rachel; Cruz, Miguel G.; et al.
p. 440-445
The Strouhal-Froude number scaling for wildland fire spread
Adam, Brittany A.; English, Justin D.; Akafuahb, Nelson K.; et al.
p. 446-450
The ring of fire: the relative importance of fuel packing versus intrinsic leaf flammability
Grootemaat, Saskia; Wright, Ian J.; Cornelissen, Johannes H. C.
p. 451-458
The velocity and structure flame front at spread of fire across the pine needle bed: experiment
Korobeinichev, Oleg P.; Tereshchenko, Alexander G.; Paletsky, Alexander A.; et al.
p. 459-465
Turbulence structures observed during experimental fires in forest and grassland environments
Seto, Daisuke; Clements, Craig B.; Heilman, Warren E.
p. 466-477
Uncertainty in model predictions of wildland fire rate of spread
Cruz, Miguel G.; Alexander, Martin E.
p. 500-508
Wind flow characterization associated with fire behaviour measurements
Jimenez, Dan; Butler, Bret W.; Teske, Casey; et al.
p. 510-518
Bibliometric study of fires in tropical rain forests
Juárez-Orozco, Sonia; Siebe-Grabach, C; Fernández y Fernández, D; et al.
p. 527-535
Effect of prescribed burning on chlorophyll fluorescence and sap flow of Pinus laricio, a preliminary study
Lapa, Gauthier; Lecomte, Léa; Morandini, Frédéric; et al.
p. 548-555
Fire as a tool to manage pollination services
Brown, Julian; Christie, Fiona; York, Alan
p. 564-568
Monitoring post-fire forest regeneration of Pinus brutia in North Lebanon
Halabi, Amira El; Mitri, George; Jazi, Mireille
p. 575-582
Past and present fire regimes in temperate forest zone of lowland Central Europe
Zin, Ewa; Niklasson, Mats; Szczygieł, Ryszard
p. 583-590
Utilizing random forests imputation of forest plot data for landscape-level wildfire analyses
Riley, Karin L.; Grenfell, Isaac C.; Finney, Mark A.; et al.
p. 591-601
Variation in peatland wildfire severity – implications for ecosystem carbon dynamics
Davies, G. Matt; Gray, Alan; Jardi, Ruth Domenech; et al.
p. 603-610
A focused analysis on lean fire management systems
Fugate, Jeremiah S.; Maginnis, M. Abbot; Akafuah, Nelson K.; et al.
p. 611-625
A tool for mapping rural-urban interfaces on different scales
Bouillon, Christophe; Fernandez Ramiro, MM; Sirca, C; et al.
p. 626-634
An integrated approach to fire emission forecasting
Kochanski, Adam; Beezley, Jonathan; Jenkins, Mary Ann; et al.
p. 635-647
Analysis of fire hazard in camping park areas
Almeida, Miguel; Azinheira, José Raul; Barata, Jorge; et al.
p. 657-664
Assessment of fire risk in relation to land cover in WUI areas
Calviño-Cancela, María; Chas-Amil, María L.; Touza, Julia
p. 673-684
Building vulnerabilities to fires at the wildland urban interface
Laranjeira, João; Cruz, Helena
p. 685-695
Bushfire fatalities and house loss in Australia: Exploring the spatial, temporal and localised context
Blanchi, Raphaele; Leonard, Justin; Haynes, Katharine; et al.
p. 716-725
Data assimilation of satellite fire detection in coupled atmosphere-fire simulation by wrf-sfire
Mandel, Jan; Kochanski, Adam; Vejmelka, Martin; et al.
p. 725-735
Estimating daily fire risk in the mesoscale by means of a Bayesian network model and a coupled GIS
Papakosta, Panagiota; Scherb, Anke; Zwirglmaier, Kilian; et al.
p. 736-748
Exploring the capability to forecast wildfires: spatial modelling of the Tavira/São Brás de Alportel 2012 wildfire
Pinto, Renata Machado dos Santos; Sá, Ana; Benali, Akli; et al.
p. 749-758
Fire effects on the physical environment in the WUI using FIRETEC
Pimont, F.; Dupuy, J-L.; Linn, R. R.
p. 759-765
Firebrand generator system applied to wildland-urban interface research
Oliveira, Ricardo; Quesada, Clara; Viegas, Domingos X.; et al.
p. 775-785
Global burned area maps from MERIS
Alonso-Canas, Itziar; Chuvieco, Emilio
p. 786-793
Global mapping of burned areas from European satellites: the fire_cci project
Chuvieco, Emilio; Alonso-Canas, Itziar; Padilla, Marc; et al.
p. 805-810
Ignition of wood subjected to the dynamic radiant energy flux
Filkov, Alexander; Kuznetsov, V.T.; V.O, Guk
p. 811-822
Improving wildfire spread simulations using MODIS active fires: the FIRE-MODSAT project
Sá, Ana; Benali, Akli; Pinto, Renata; et al.
p. 823-829
Influence of relief on the vegetation fires occurrences in the urban area of Juiz de Fora, MG, Brazil
Torres, Fillipe Tamiozzo Pereira; Ribeiro, Guido Assunção; Martins, Sebastião Venâncio; et al.
p. 830-860
Integrated and integral forest fire management – Operation Roraima 2013, Brazil
Morais, J. C. M.; Barreto, R. V.; Alves, R; et al.
p. 861-870
Large airtanker use in the United States: what do we know?
Thompson, Matthew P; Stonesifer, Crystal; Calkin, David E
p. 871-881
Mapping of forest habitats vulnerable to fires using Corine Land Cover database and digital terrain model
Woźniak, Edyta; Kwiatkowski, Mirosław; Kołakowski, Bartłomiej
p. 882-891
Minimum travel time algorithm for fire behavior and burn probability in a parallel computing environment
Kalabokidis, Kostas; Athanasis, Nikolaos; Palaiologou, Palaiologos; et al.
p. 903-911
PREFER FP7 project for the management of the pre- and post-fire phases: presentation of the products
Laneve, G.; Bonis, Roberto de; Fusilli, Lorenzo; et al.
p. 912-920
Reconstructing the spread of landscape-scale fires in semi-arid southwestern Australia
McCaw, Lachlan; Reynen, Vicky; Zdunic, Katherine; et al.
p. 925-927
Risk assessment to achieve fire adapted communities in the US
Calkin, David; Cohen, Jack; Finney, Mark; et al.