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Livro / Promoting conscious and active learning and aging: how to face current and future challenges?

p. 25-74
Possibilitis and limitations of age
Fernández-Ballesteros, Rocío
p. 113-128
Reflections from a study about wisdom with students from a senior university
Gonçalves, Cidália Domingues; Oliveira, Albertina L.
p. 175-190
The IPL 60+ program: a singular case of senior education in an intergenerational context
Pimentel, Luísa; Varregoso, Isabel; Faria, Susana; et al.
p. 231-246
Senior students in the knowledge society: a curricular program of digital literacy
Varregoso, Isabel; Pimentel, Luísa; Santos, Filipe; et al.
p. 247-262
Formal Caregivers' health characterization and self-perception: implications for long-term care practicess
Pinto, Margarida; Figueiredo, Daniela; Marques, Alda; et al.
p. 263-280
Home-villages as a residence and revitalization system oh the territory
Bordalo, Ana; Matos, Madalena Cunha
p. 297-310
Healthy aging: retirement and early retirement - organizations and human resource management
Morais, Célia Maria da Silva; Martins, Anabela Correia
p. 311-320
Facilitators and barriers to active and healthy aging
Martins, Anabela Correia
p. 321-334
Suicide after 65 years old: current data in Portugal
Quintão, Sónia; Costa, Susana; Alves, Sandra; et al.
p. 335-348
Health education factsheet on mental health in the elderly
Reis, Ana Teresa de Sousa; Martins, Anabela Correia
p. 383-400
Promoting active aging inside portuguese residential institucions for the elderly: is there something missing?
Vieira, Cristina C.; Oliveira, Albertina L.; Lima, Margarida P.; et al.