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Livro / Acta medicinae legalis et socialis

p. 19-22
Adipocere formation in a river environment
Notter, S. J.; Stuart, B. H.; Dent, B. B.; et al.
p. 29-32
Recent advances in forensic anthropology
Ubelaker, D. H.
p. 45-47
Juxtacortical osteoma: an histopathological diagnosis in an anthropological specimen
Gouveia, R. Henriques de; Cunha, E.; Santos, F. Costa; et al.
p. 49-54
Evaluation of soft tissue thicknesses with the purpose of facial reconstruction in Brazilian
Tedeschi-Oliveira, S. V.; Melani, R. F. H.; Almeida, N. H.; et al.
p. 57-60
Blood stains analysis on clothes: a case report
Verzeletti, A.; Cortellini, V.; Cerri, N.; et al.
p. 69-73
Mixture detection applying mitochondrial DNA SNPS Vs aditional mitochondrial DNA sequencing
Bento, A. M.; Costa, H. Afonso; Balsa, F.; et al.
p. 79-81
Forensic implications of a single duplication in DYS 448
Vieira-Silva, C.; Lucas, I.; Espinheira, R.
p. 83-86
The interest of mitochondrial DNA coding region SNPS
Bom, J.; Dario, P.; Sucena, A.; et al.
p. 87-90
Forensic y-str study in y-chromosome abnormalities
Silva, J.; Ribeiro, T.; Gonçalves, J.; et al.
p. 91-94
Species identification from genetic material with cytochrome b
Costa, H. Afonso; Balsa, F.; Bento, A. M.; et al.
p. 103-107
The interest of nails in genetic identification of human decomposed cadavers
Pereira, M. J.; Pontes, M. L.; Pinheiro, M. F.
p. 115-121
Paternal and maternal lineages in Cabo Verde archipelago population
Carvalho, M.; Brito, P.; Bento, A. M.; et al.
p. 123-127
20 SNP-Plex as a complement method in paternity testing
Dario, P.; Ribeiro, R.; Geada, H.
p. 135-138
Heteropaternal twins investigation with missing alleged father
Ribeiro, T.; Vieira-Silva, C.; Dario, P.; et al.
p. 139-143
Degradation of buried DNA samples in different types of soil
Bogas, V.; Carvalho, M.; Anjos, M. J.; et al.
p. 145-146
Good practice in collecting samples from human fetus with few gestation weeks
Lopes, V.; Oliveira, R.; Silva, B.; et al.
p. 149-154
Dental age Estimation in Spanish and Venezuelan children: comparison of demirjian´s and chaillet´s scores
Cruz-Landeira, A.; Linares-Argote, J.; Martínez-Rodríguez, M.; et al.
p. 157-164
Patterns of cuicide in cretan women
Kastanaki, A. E.; Kranioti, E. F.; Theodorakis, P. N.; et al.
p. 165-168
Studies for the asbestos exposure in Japanese urban population
Kinoshita, H.; Matsui, K.; Takahashi, M.; et al.
p. 173-178
Alcohol and cell phone associated effects on car drivers tested in an expeirmental roadtest
Carvalho, L. Duarte de; Hanaoka, F.; Oliveira, H.; et al.
p. 185-191
Perception and risk of exposure to xylene by pathologic anatomy students
Teixeira, M. Dias; Rangel, R.; Teixeira, A. Dias; et al.
p. 199-203
Fatal electrocution a 10-year retrospective study in the Lisbon Area
Pereira, A. R.; Nikolić, D.; Gallo, F.; et al.
p. 209-210
Occupational fatalities characterization (2006-2008)
Castanheira, G.; Santos, C. L.; Sousa, E.; et al.
p. 211-217
Large-scale mutation screening in sudden cardiac death (SCD)
Allegue, C.; Brión, M.; Rodríguez-Calvo, M. S.; et al.
p. 221-224
Incest: medical-legal perspectives
Farina, G.; Sciarabba, C.; Stefano, E. Di; et al.
p. 241-245
Intimate partner homicide-suicide a 5-year case review (2004-08)
Pereira, A. R.; Alves, L. Ferreira; Ribeiro, I. Pinto; et al.
p. 247-251
Imaging in emergency radiology: clinical and forensic aspects
Rodríguez-Calvo, M. S.; Baleato, S.; Muñoz, J. I.; et al.
p. 255-258
Deaths from acute reaction to drugs and psicoactive substances in Galicia in 2005
Cruz-Landeira, A.; Tabernero-Duque, M. J.; Bouzas-Montero, C.; et al.
p. 263-266
Severe complications following low-dose application of methotrexate
Buschmann, C.; Tsokos, M.; Schulz, F.
p. 267-274
Erythropoietin doping as cause of sudden death in athletes: an experimental study
Piloto, N.; Teixeira, H. M.; Teixeira-Lemos, E.; et al.
p. 275-282
Toxicological effects of recombinant human erythropoietin doping: chronic versus acute aerobic exercise
Piloto, N.; Teixeira, H. M.; Teixeira-Lemos, E.; et al.
p. 307-310
Lethal poisoning from Oleander
Papi, L.; Luciani, A. B.; Forni, D.; et al.
p. 311-317
MALDI-MSI: a new tool for metab olite analysis in forensic science
Burrell, M.; Francese, S.; Cameron, D. D.; et al.
p. 319-324
Development and validation of HPLC-UV method to determine creatinine and metabolites of xylene in urine
Teixeira, A. Dias; Teixeira, M. Dias; Rangel, R.; et al.
p. 335-341
Proteomic investigation of tissues of medical interest by MALDI MSI
Djidja, M. C.; Clench, M. R.; Loadman, P. M.; et al.
p. 349-352
Simple Fracture = Good Clinical Evolution? Regarding a case assessment in civil law
Santos, B.; Oliveira, R.; Sousa, P.; et al.
p. 353-357
Inborn heart deformation as a cause of sudden death in a 7-year old girl
Buschmann, C.; Tsokos, M.; Schulz, F.
p. 367-372
One case of drowning after cyfluthrin ingestion
Monteiro, C.; Margalho, C.; Castanheira, F.; et al.
p. 373-374
“Strychnine poisoning: a case report”
Santos, C. L.; Sousa, E.; Castanheira, G.; et al.
p. 375-376
Sudden death of cardiovascular aetiology in individuals younger than 45 years old
Santos, C. L.; Castanheira, G.; Sousa, E.; et al.
p. 377-381
Alternative Matrices: a case report
Margalho, C.; Castanheira, A.; Castañera, A.; et al.
p. 383-386
Murder after torture by side-arm: a case report
Moriani, S.; Stornelli, G.; Siboldi, D.
p. 387-390
Unexpected death following femoral catheterization
Suárez-Peñaranda, J. M.; Muñoz-Barús, J. I.; A. Ortiz, J.; et al.
p. 391-392
Sclerosing lipogranuloma caused by accidental injection of industrial oil
Ortiz-Rey, J. A.; Moledo, E. M.; San Miguel, P.; et al.
p. 393-397
Esophago-pulmonary arterious fistula by ingestion of a foreign body: a case report
Guzzetti, L.; Osculati, A.; Andrello, L.; et al.
p. 399-402
Sudden death from Cryptococcal encephalitis
Papi, L.; Forni, D.; Castagna, M.; et al.
p. 403-405
Lethal inhalation of Popper
Papi, L.; Giusiani, M.; Marra, D.; et al.
p. 427-429
Osteomyelites in newbord: a case report
Graziano, V.; Cannovo, N.; Tuccillo, A.
p. 431-435
Suicide by drowning after Bromazepam intoxication: a case report
Proença, P; Vidinha, J.; Teixeira, H.; et al.
p. 437-440
Sudden cardiac death a case with two distinct and unrelated causes
Gouveia, R. Henriques de; Paulo, M.; Dias, M. J.; et al.
p. 441-444
Sudden cardiac death of a young football player
Gouveia, R. Henriques de; Lérias, G.; Silva, A. Mello e; et al.
p. 445-447
Sudden death during sports activity an unusual cause
Gouveia, R. Henriques de; Nikolić, D.; Eiras, L.; et al.
p. 453-456
Giant hydatid cyst: an unsuspected possible cause of sudden death
Nikolic, D.; Gouveia, R. Henriques de; Pedrosa, F.; et al.